My Story

Hello, I'm Matt, the author and presenter of Thrive. After three years in the making, Thrive is live! Thrive is the online video course which transforms your wellbeing, by teaching you how to beat stress develop resilience to anxiety & depression.

So why have I spent the last three years creating this course for you? To provide you with the answer, I'm going to tell you my story...

I was 3 years old when I first saw the devastating effects of depression. It was 1975 and I remember seeing my dad crying inconsolably, in our kitchen. Over the 43 years which have passed since then, I have supported my dad through his suicide attempts, hospitalisation, psychiatric evaluations, drug therapies and still to this day, his twice monthly electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

In families like mine, where there is a history of a mental illness like depression, the chances of developing the same illness rises from 25% to 75%. My genetic predisposition stacked the odds firmly against me and sure enough, depression has visited me too. On four separate occasions, I've suffered from depressive episodes, which has greatly impacted upon my life and career.

My Career

Twice my career has been interrupted to the extent where I left excellent jobs, not being able to sustain them because of my health. So 3 years ago, I decided that I would dedicate my life to preventing others from having their lives disturbed by stress. During that time, I've studied Neuroscience, Psychology and Mental Health, the Science of Stress, the Science of Mind Training as well as Heart Rate Variability (HRV), from leading universities, which has subsequently allowed me to create my life's work, Thrive.

My Response

Thrive is delivered over the course of 38 video classes and first teaches you the science of stress, then provides you with the practical tools you need to beat stress. Watch the video below to find out more about how Thrive can help you to transform your wellbeing. When you're ready to beat stress, anxiety and depression, enrol in the course.