Free Course - Burnout and How to Prevent it

In this free course about burnout, I’m going to answer some important questions:

  • What is burnout?
  • Are you at risk?
  • How can you measure whether you're at risk from burnout?
  • How can you prevent it?

The course consists of seven videos, plus three free downloadable PDFs, all free of charge.

You can enrol in the course at

My Story of Burnout

It was 10 years ago, when I was working in London and trying my best to service the demands of 36 clients.

I remember that when I began the job, our department had 72 clients and there were just 2 of us, so we split the client portfolio straight down the middle, 36 each.

Over the period of a few of years, the volume of work was pretty intense and to cut a long story short, the prolonged stress caused my body and mind to completely shut down.

I simply couldn’t function.

Exhausted, confused and scared, I couldn’t make even the simplest of decisions.

I remember going to see my HR director and was told that the way that she coped with stress was to drink and smoke more.

Now that advice was given to me a decade ago and I’m praying that the quality of support has improved since then, but in case it hasn’t, I’m going to give you some advice based in science, rather than in the pub.

I ended up leaving that company to preserve my wellbeing and maybe you’re at the point where your job is taking a toll on your health.

So in this mini course, I’m going to provide you with information and resources which will hopefully help you before you reach the stage that I did, where leaving your job feels like the only option.

Course Trailer

Check out the course trailer below, which includes my story of burnout.